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Image of AAVIX AGT310A LED Fast Metal Detector

AAVIX AGT310A LED Fast Metal Detector

Locating small lost items in the lawn or soil can be pretty difficult for most people. The task is even more difficult without a proper metal detector capable of sensing the hard to find targets. AAVIX AGT310A LED Fast Metal Detector comes in hand helping people locate hard to find items within the shortest time possible. It comes with an LED indicator hence the name an LED Fast Metal Detector. The indicator will show you when you get closer to the item. The indicator also has an alarm that can be adjusted to know when you are getting closer to the target. The Led Fast Detector is an advanced metal detector far from the standard indicators held by one hand. . AAVIX detector comes with an extendable handle making it easier for users to carry it as they search for targets. It is more like what you see in security firms searching for targets in vehicles. The long extendable handle comes in handy helping the user search without bending to the ground. One can easily observe the search results on the LED indicator or even better where headphones that come with the detector. The headphones make it easy to detect the lightest sounds helping you know the direction of the target. This comes in use, especially when locating items buried deep in the soil. . Key Features. . Discrimination between different metals. . AGT310B detector does not just detect metals but goes a step further differentiating between the different types of metals. This is a great feature that helps you find the exact target without having to always confirm if you found the right target. Variable sensitivity. . The sensitivity of the detector varies depending on the search being made. Simple targets can use very simple sensitivity. However, when locating difficult to find items, easily adjust the sensitivity. This makes it easier when looking the most hidden items. Extendable handle. . The handle of the detector can be extended so that you do your search on the ground while standing. This is very

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