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Image of AHI AHI-646 Denver Wheel Boot Warning Sticker

AHI AHI-646 Denver Wheel Boot Warning Sticker

Static Sticker
Use this plastic static sticker in conjunction with your wheel boot lock!
Immobilized cars will get the message loud an clear about whats going on with their car.
Perfect for Law Enforcement parking enforcement on campus and schools and other places where a boot lock would be applied!
Immobilized Car Static Sticker
Make sure that the driver of the car that youve immobilized gets the message and a clear warning that their car isnt going anywhere.
The sticker reads:
Do not attempt to drive your vehicle with the attached device! To make arrangements for the removal of the Wheel Boot Lock Please call:
We are not responsible for damage caused by any effort to drive with the attached device. You are responsible for any damage caused to this locking device. As a courtesy we have attached the Wheel Boot Lock instead of having your car towed to save you money.
If you use Wheel Boot Locks at all this is an essential element to your efforts in enforcing parking rules and regulations!

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