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Gaming Addiction: How to Overcome Video Game Addiction, Internet Addiction, and Online Gaming Addiction

Paperback, Createspace Independent Pub, 2014, ISBN13 9781500166304, ISBN10 1500166308


HTML5 Mobile Websites: Turbocharging HTML5 with jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, and Other Frameworks

Build HTML5-powered mobile web experiences with the aid of development frameworks that speed the development of Native App-like experiences. Build on your foundation of HTML and JavaScript with a complete understanding of the different mobile Web brows


Guide to Gambling Addiction Cure: How to Stop Gambling Addiction (Gambling Addiction Treatment, Gambling Addiction Symptoms, Gambling Addiction Help)

An addiction is a serious thing and in some cases is can be life threatening, do not treat it like mild cold that will get better on its own, act now and do the right thing by you, seek help and get better. You owe this to yourself, no one else, always...