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Image of Alverson and Du Lab SL-001 Stack Light
A.D. Injection Lab

Alverson and Du Lab SL-001 Stack Light

Laser Cut Acrylic Panels stacked and held together magnetically to form internal negative space which appears to be a light fixture and is illuminated by LED lights. Like memories of stacking blocks to create a structure as a child the Stack Light invites the user to playfully interact and create a functional object for the home. The pieces are designed to create a negative space in the shape of a common desk lamp. The space acts a vessel for the light which when turned on fills with a warm glow and brings the creation to life. Interactive Fun Functionality and Surprise! Stack the individual pieces to form the lamp. The pieces magentically snap together and create an illuminated negative space which is the Stack Light.

  • Material: 30 Laser Cut Acrylic Pieces. Stainless Steel Base.
  • Dimensions: 8"L x 8"H x 14"W.

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