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Apivita Express Beauty Eye Mask with Grape (Line Smoothing) 6x(2x2ml)

A natural anti-wrinkle & hydrating eye mask Contains grape seed oil & wild oat to banish wrinkles & expression lines around the eyes Rich in nourishing ingredients like rice olive oil shea butter & beeswax Effectively improves the flexibility &...


Apivita 230858 6x2x2 ml Express Beauty Eye Mask with Ginkgo Biloba for Dark Circles & Signs of Fatigue Recovery


  • A natural anti-fatigue eye mask
  • Contains ginkgo biloba extract to banish dark circles & puffiness around the eye area
  • Blended with cucumber & chamomile extracts that gently hydrate & tone sensitive...


Apivita Express Beauty Face Mask with Pumpkin (Detox) 6x(2x8ml)

A detoxifying facial mask with 95% natural ingredients Contains pumpkin enzymes to gently exfoliate skin while removing dirt & dead cells Blended with white clay to absorb excess sebum & reduce the appearance of pores Infused with pumpkin seed oil shea...