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Sign Language Fun in the Early Childhood Classroom: Enrich Language and Literacy Skills of Young Hearing Children, Children With Special Needs, and English Language Learners

Enrich language and literacy skills with special-education students and/or English Language Learners in pre-kindergartenkindergarten using Sign Language Fun in the Early Childhood Classroom This 64-page book helps students improve verbal communication,...


Dual Language Learners in the Early Childhood Classroom

The school readiness of young dual language learners depends on high-quality preschool programs that meet their needs but how should schools promote and measure the progress of children learning two languages? Find out what the research says in this au


Storytelling in Early Childhood: Enriching Language, Literacy and Classroom Culture

Hardcover, Routledge, 2016, ISBN13 9781138932135, ISBN10 1138932132