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Is That a Skunk? - by Gary Bogue (Hardcover)

'When a skunk moves into Hotdog's doghouse and doesn't leave, Lucas and his family don't know what to do. But the more they learn about skunks, the more they accept their new neighbor. And when a chance encounter leads to a stinky situation, they are...


The Phantom of Bogue Holauba 1911

Paperback, Hardpress Publishing, 2016, ISBN13 9781318884094, ISBN10 1318884098


Extinguish Burnout - by Terri Bogue (Paperback)

Who hasn't suffered at one time or another from exhaustion, cynicism, and a lack of effectiveness? But combine them over time and you're flirting with a disaster of catastrophic magnitude--burnout. Elegantly defined as the depletion of personal agency...