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Image of Elfen Lied: Vector, Vol. 3

Elfen Lied: Vector, Vol. 3

Does time heal all wounds? Or are some cuts so profound that the passing of the years only makes them deeper? No one knows better than Lucy, the horn-headed outcast forced to kill by genetics and circumstance, and Nana, dismembered by Lucy and left to die, who's made a long journey on artificial limbs to exact her revenge. But although Lucy/NY's dark past doesn't excuse her staggering body count, it does explain it. In volume three, the pieces of her mysterious puzzle begin to fall into place and shed light on her murderous ways, and opening a narrow window into the memories Kohta has so carefully blocked. But will Nana's desire for vengeance outstrip Nyu's efforts to remember her past? Will the mayhem overtake Kohta and Yuka's attempts to make a loving home on a foundation of painful memories? The answers don't come easy in the world of "Elfen Lied.". Clean Opening; Clean Closing; Character Artwork; Production Artwork.

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