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Sasha Fenton's Rising Signs

"The Rising Sign - your Astrological Calling Card" The Rising Sign throws light on our outer manner and the way we present ourselves to others. This is partly due to nature, but also due to the programming that we receive in childhood and youth. Our caree


Signs of Our Past: Porcelain Enamel Advertising in America

Notice the beauty and diverse graphics found on porcelain enamel advertising. This part of Americana has garnered interest from collectors worldwide. Petroleum, automobiles, gasoline, beer, paints and varnishes, telephone, tobacco, and soda pop are among


A Stranger at Home - by Christy Jordan-Fenton & Margaret Pokiak-Fenton (Hardcover)

Traveling to be reunited with her family in the arctic, 10-year-old Margaret Pokiak can hardly contain her excitement. It s been two years since her parents delivered her to the school run by the dark-cloaked nuns and brothers. Coming ashore, Margaret...