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Image of Start with Your Sock Drawer - by Vicky Silverthorn (Paperback)

Start with Your Sock Drawer - by Vicky Silverthorn (Paperback)

Spring clean your life with this practical, achievable guide to decluttering from the British Marie Kondo Wardrobes bursting with unworn clothes. Boxes full of obsolete chargers and neglected children's toys. A dresser jammed full of mismatched socks. . . Sound familiar? Many of us feel increasingly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff packed into our homes. Being organised at home doesn't just mean always knowing where you left the remote; it means being able to face the world with a clear mind and increased energy. It all starts at home. But where? When the problem is so vast and we are all so busy, how do you even begin to tackle the clutter mountain? Professional organiser Vicky Silverthorn has the simple answer: start with your sock drawer. Using tried-and-tested methods, Vicky will guide you through practical, bite-sized tasks that will help you achieve a friendly level of organisation throughout your home and a life-changing clarity of mind. With Vicky's help, you can banish clutter and turn your home into a sanctuary. Perfect for fans of the Netflix series Tidying up with Marie Kondo and followers of Mrs Hinch. Readers love Start With Your Sock Drawer 'Full of useful tips' 'Great advice in this concise book, which will get you on your way to better organisation and leading an uncluttered life' 'As a professional declutterer, this is the only book I regularly recommended to my clients' 'Informative and practical' 'Excellent, sensible advice'

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